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Willy Nacho
Leems pits 5E
5563 CK Westerhoven
040 304 61 76

VAT 854945775b01
VAT (BE) 0674997660

Working at Willy’s is always a fiesta!

Willy Nacho is always looking for nacho bakers! Check out the biggest artists & celebrate a fiesta at the coolest festivals while making the best nachos! Send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Working at “the Willy Nacho Office”? Then check out working at Willy for all job openings!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Willy Nacho gluten-free?

The Willy Nacho Tortilla Chips Chili & Salted, the vegan after-dinner sauces & the cheese dip are gluten-free.

I have a lactose allergy, can I eat Willy Nacho?

You can eat our Classic Salsa, vegan aftop sauces and Tortilla chips without worry. Eat the nachos without sour cream and cheese.

Can I eat Willy Nacho if I am pregnant?

Yes indeed, even if you are pregnant you may enjoy Willy’s nachos together.

I want Willy Nacho (logo) on my menu, what options are available?

Please email for more information and to request images!

Is there any merchandise of Willy Nacho?

Willy Nacho is in full development. As soon as merchandise is available, we’ll keep you posted through our website, our socials & of course at the festivals!

Where can I find the preparation method?

There are all kinds of great recipes on our website, Instagram & Pinterest pages!

Why is Willy Nacho's chips better?

Willy Nacho chips are made from Cooked Corn so are 100% pure cornmeal. Immediately after 24 hours of cooking the corn, the dough is processed into our tortilla chips. Unlike many colleagues, who work with masa, a mixture of cornmeal and water.

Can I use the Willy Nacho salsas for other dishes as well?

You can vary endlessly. Eat them with tacos, wraps, burritos or top a baguette or pizza crust with them. Also try them with wok dishes.

I want Willy Nacho in my Christmas package, is that possible?

Yes, please contact The products are ideal for a Christmas package because of their appearance and shelf life.

I am organizing a festival, can Willy Nacho attend?

Willy tries to visit as many festivals as possible. Contact and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities!

I am an entrepreneur and interested in working with Willy Nacho!

Contact and Willy will be happy to visit you to discuss options.

I want to give a talk about Willy Nacho, is that possible?

Super fun! Send an email to and we’ll get you fun facts, photos and information for a cool presentation.