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2 people
Preparation time: 15 min

Warning from Willy Nacho: don’t forget your bib or apron! These loaded fries with chile con carne eat with your hands! Topped with Parilla BBQ sauce, Luchador Chipotle sauce & the Mexican Mix from Willy Nacho & Kesbeke.

What to do / como trabajo:


Step 1

Fry the French fries until crispy and golden and season with a little salt.

Step 2

Heat the chile con carne in a saucepan. Divide the French fries among a serving bowl. Spread the chile con carne on top.

Step 3

Draw stripes with the Parilla BBQ sauce and the Luchador Chipotle sauce. Top off with the Willy Nacho Mexican mix and mess away!

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