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Willy Nacho Chili Con Carne

Recept Chili con carneGluten-freeMeat

Chili con carne

An originally traditional stew recipe with meat, chili pepper, beans, bell bell pepper and tomato. Easy to prepare in less than 15 minutes with Willy Nacho Chili con carne.
Willy Nacho
January 5, 2023

Mexican bean soup

A hearty meal soup based on Willy Nacho chile con carne. Topped off with Willy Nacho and Kesbeke's sweet and sour Mexican Mix. Eat with a nice piece of bread or of course with tortilla chips!
Willy Nacho
December 15, 2022

Loaded Chili Fries

Warning from Willy Nacho: don't forget your bib or apron! These loaded fries with chile con carne eat with your hands! Topped with Parilla BBQ sauce, Luchador Chipotle sauce & the Mexican Mix from Willy Nacho & Kesbeke.
Willy Nacho
November 25, 2022

Chili con carne casserole

Layer upon layer of goodies! The nacho casserole with chile con carne, peppers & shredded cheese. Topped off with the sweet and sour Mexican vegetable mix. Serve with a bowl of sour cream and a bowl of Classic salsa for dipping!
Willy Nacho
November 17, 2022