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Mexican hot dog Meat

Mexican hot dog

The classic hot dog from Germany, made big in America. Not a standard mustard & sauerkraut but a Mexican variation to lick your fingers when you’re finished. With a crunch of tortilla chips and a mix of cilantro, onion, bell pepper & jalapeño.
Willy Nacho
December 29, 2022
Loaded Cheesy fries Gluten-freeVegetarian

Loaded Cheesy fries

French fries or French fries? Take the discussion off the table with these loaded cheesy fries! The only thing left to think about is whether there could be more cheese dip on top. The simple combination of the Willy Nacho Cheesedip and Mexican mix make the loaded fries a sensation!
Willy Nacho
December 23, 2022
Mexican Pizza Meat

Mexican Pizza

Are you going to make your own pizza and looking for something different from salami or quattro formaggi? Then make it a party with minced meat, red onion, Parilla BBQ sauce and the sweet and sour Mexican mix.
Willy Nacho
December 7, 2022
Fitlife nachos Gluten-free

Fitlife nachos

You know the feeling. Watching your food and exercising a lot, but still craving a tasty snack. Normally nachos are not wise then, but with this recipe you can easily add nachos to your fitlife.
Willy Nacho
December 2, 2022